Green Balance

Green Balance by Stephanie Sieber

Non Alcoholic World Champion 2015, Vize Staatsmeisterin 2015, Vice Worldchampion 2014, Staatsmeisterin 2013, Leader of the Year 2012, Barman of the year 2012.

Detox Shot

Detox Shot by Mario Hofferer

Mario Hofferer: World Champion 2010, Leader of the year 2011, Barman of the year 2011, 3-facher Staatsmeister, Bacardi Legacy World Finalist 2nd place 2014, uvm.

Fruit Nut Lassi

Fruit Nut Lassi by Katharina Sieber

Katharina Sieber: Trainee von Peter Weissenegger ( Vize Weltmeister 1996, Trainer des MH Cocktail Entertainment Team)

Grand Maximilian

Grand Maximilian by Maximilian Wölle

Maximilian Wölle: 4th place Worldchampionship 2015, Staatsmeister 2015, Awarded Leader of the year 2014, Best Young Talent 2013